Take a little look into the 6 steps to handmake each individual Bali Textili Kaftan.

Step 1: I take many beautiful inspirations from colour, places, embroidery and crochet designs and create design briefs right here in Barwon Heads, Victoria which are then given to our manufacturing team in Bali.

Step 2: Our first stage of production is hand dying the fabric to match our requested colours.
Textili Hand Dying Fabric
Step 3: The fabric is then cut into the required kaftan shapes based on our designs. 

Step 4: The embroidery design is hand screen printed onto the fabric so the bali artisans can follow the pattern easily.
Textili Hand Screening Printing

Step 5: Next is the embroidery - this can take up to 8 hours per kaftan.
Textili Embroidery

Step 6: Once the embroidery is finished the kaftan is sewn together and then blanket stitched around the arm, neck opening and along the hem line.
Textili Hand Blanket Stitching